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Male Angora Bunny
Kind of a long story, but I bought a male french angora rabbit (who I have named Moose) from a man on the side of the road for $20. I was afraid he was going to be used for baiting dogs (a risk in this area). He seems young - maybe about 6 months - and he is very skinny (we're working on that).

I own a 5 year old female dutch bunny (Rockie). At this point she is not spayed and he is not nuetered. This will change sometime in the next couple weeks. Needless to say, there is no one-on-one bunny time for the two of them.

I am concerned about several things.

One - he is very matted. Will the vets shave him (I have an appointment on tues)? I have bathed him and brushed him out as best I could, but some of the mats are very close to his skin and *ahem* sensitive areas. Does anybody know if anyone will groom rabbits?

Two - he and the female have been running back and forth along the cage he is in (she is free-roaming and he will be too as soon as I am sure they can be trusted with each other). She will "pop" up every once in a while and "dances" (not sure if there is familiar jargon for this).  They will also sniff each other through the cage. This is good, right?

Three - I am just looking for general french angora advice. I already figured out that I can't use normal bedding with him (let's just say that it is a good thing he likes to get brushed), so I have laid down papers. Is there anything particular I should know about the breed?

Thanks for any advice!


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